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Are you unsure of how to begin branding or rebranding your business? You are probably hunting the Best Branding Agency in Bangalore. GLOWHOPES, one of the best branding agencies in Bangalore will make sure that your design aligns with your business objective and is effective (Mood boards, Logos, Shape, Colors, Typography, Iconography, Illustration, Imagery, Tone of Voice, etc.). They keep their creative minds churning for the best in advertising, logo design, branding and rebranding. Researching and planning strategies that yield good results is what they do.

What is branding and how a top branding agency in Bangalore can help your business?

Branding is a process of establishing a distinctive identity for your business in the minds of your target audience and consumers. A business’s brand identity can be defined in terms of a company logo, visual design, mission, and tone of voice. Furthermore, a brand identity will be determined by the quality of the products, how they serve their customers, and even how they price them.


Through effective positioning, branding helps your customers understand what you offer and how you do it. But it’s not just about the USP (unique selling proposition), it’s about everything the brand stand for. The quality of what you do matters more than what you say, so if your company mission statement emphasizes providing world-class customer service but you don’t actually deliver it, it’s not branding. It is important to find the right digital marketing agency that develop a brand strategy, including brand guidelines, and align your brand identity with your company’s goals and GLOWHOPES already being the best branding agency in Bangalore can help you achieve that.

What can the best b2b branding agencies in Bangalore do to your business?


Branding isn’t just about getting an arbitrary brand and logo on your product, packaging, and business card, branding goes way beyond that. It’s also about communicating with your customers, so they instantly connect the name and the logo to the products, services, and the unique style that can’t be expected from anyone else. 

Choosing the best branding agency in Bangalore can help your business with all the branding services like building image’s name, attractive logo design, quality content, lucrative plan, brand marketing and in some cases, rebranding that you require which in return will help your business and help people form an assessment and judge you. Eventually making people trust you and purchase your brand, so it prompts a shift in your business.

Finding a creative agency in Bangalore is not that hard since this industry is booming, the most difficult part is finding the right branding firms in India suitable for your business.

When is Rebranding necessary?

Rebranding Picture

An organization’s rebranding involves changing its corporate image, it is a way of changing the name, symbol, or design of an already established brand. Often, it is intended to differentiate a brand from its competitors in the market by creating a unique identity.

A constantly evolving world requires companies to adjust their business in order to attract new set of customers. This can be done with rebranding. It might be necessary to refresh your business, design a new logo/name after merging, or define new business objectives, strategies, mission and vision, for example:

There are two types of rebranding:

  1. Proactive Rebranding 
  2. Reactive Rebranding 

Proactive Rebranding:

A proactive rebrand is done when a company recognizes that rebranding will allow them to grow. A brand anticipates necessary steps before they need to be taken with a deliberate and forward-looking approach.

Reactive Rebranding:

A reactive rebrand is one that occurs in response to a change in your existing brand or its discontinuation. The novel Coronavirus could be a crisis situation that warrants reactive rebranding due to unexpected triggers evidently causing a fundamental rethinking of the brand.

You can always consider rebranding your business with Glowhopes which stands as the best branding agency in Bangalore, leading to positive growth for your business.

Lets study the difference between Branding and Non-branding


  • It is the process of marking a product with a firm’s logo or name.
  • A brand influences consumer’s decision to purchase a product or service.
  • It gives your brand an identity.
  • It lets your brand stand out of the crowd  
  • The branding process supports your marketing efforts and ensures consistency.
  • Inspiring loyalty of customers and retention is the goal of branding.
  • You can introduce new products easily with branding.
  • Increased profits and return on investment is possible through branding.


  • Non-branding traffic is less expensive but conversion can be more difficult.      
  • It has no brand identity.
  • New products are tough to introduce.
  • Increase in profits and return on investment are slower.
  • The non-branding supports the marketing efforts and ensures consistency but is time consuming compared to branding.
  • The brand does not stand out of the crowd.
  • Although it Inspires loyalty but the retention can be difficult.
  • Non-branding brings inconsistency and it’s difficult to gain trust from consumers.
Branding Picture

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The expert branding service from the best branding agency in Bangalore includes:

  • Logo Design
  • Tagline Development
  • Favicon Design
  • Brand Strategy and Roadmap
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Mission, Vision, Purpose and Positioning
  • Brand Color Palette
  • Brand Typography
  • Business Card Template
  • Banner Design
  • Packaging + Stationery Design
  • Creative Brochure
  • Mockups and Usage
  • Graphic Design + Motion Graphics
  • Customer Persona
  • Email Signature
  • Letterhead + Stamp
  • Google My Business Profile setup
  • Custom Proposal 
  • Social Media Posts
  • Illustrations and GIFs
  • Brand Awareness Campaign
  • Videography and Photography (Optional)


Looking for the best branding agency in Bangalore that you can rely on? Well look no further because you are in the right place already, while Glowhopes is not only in the top advertising agencies in India, but they also are the best branding agency in Bangalore aspiring to be ranked on the first spot of the list. In our brand marketing strategies, we deliver customer journeys and touchpoints that stand out as special opportunities for brand interaction.

Let us know what you think about this article. Do let us know in the comment section if you already own a brand or if you are looking for the best branding agency to do so.

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